ZUPFGRETEL - cinematic Autoharp  

   • 2 main pickin' styles: Finger picked, Damped (Flageolet)
     • Chord section, Harp Glissando, Harp Strings, Bowed
     • 6x round robin
     • 3 velocity levels (soft, med, hard)
     • sounddesign patches: Cinematic, Sound Design, Arps
     • Arpeggiator, Sequencer, Harp Glissando, Env-Control, Reverb,
       Delay, Filter, Phaser, Stereo Imager,
       Impulseloader, various Cabinets, Chorus, Tremolo
     • full Kontakt 5 required - 2,67 GB sample conten


     THAI BOW - cinematic fiddle

     • picked, bowed and long ebowed fiddle scapes 
     • articulations: medium picked, staccato, ebowed, picked reversed
     • controls: formant filter,fine tune, delay, imulse level, finger, bow, drone
     • Sound menu, Impulse loader
     • round robin 7x
     • skins 4x
     • full Kontakt 5 required


     MELANCHOLIA - long played atmospheric accordion + metallophon

     • typical and untypical accordion sounds: bass, chords, melody
     • articulation: long slow, tremolo, fastplay, softplay, staccato ect...
       fx, atmospheres, metallophon
     • controls: keynoise, release-fx, attack, release, filter, lofi
     • Reverb-Control, Soundmenu, Impulseloader
     • full Kontakt 5 required


     ALTENBURG - dark upright piano & much more

     • typical and untypical upright sounds for score and film music
     • also patches : bowed, pizzicato, hammered, percussion,
       fx, atmospheres, ostinati, loops
     • controls: keynoise, release-fx, keyattack
     • Reverb-Control, Soundmenu, Impulseloader
     • full Kontakt 5 required



     BARBADOS - rusty steelpan

     • original steeldrum from Barbados (played normal & unusal)
     • authentic live sound
     • played with: hands, rubber sticks, wood sticks, brushes
     • time and tone machine controls / various sound design patches
     • round robin
     • full Kontakt 5 required


     DROEHN - hair blower 550W - FOR FREE!

     • original Braun hair blower from the 70ies 
     • including different sounds
     • played with 220V, 50Hz
     • various sound design patches (pads, drones, beats,..)
     • full Kontakt 5 required


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